Introducing CRED.

You can now invest in the talent you love. Buy shares of your favorite athlete, movie star or musician. With real money you can get real returns from their success.

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Invest in your Favorite Talent
With as little as $10 you can start investing in the talent you love.
Invest on CRED
CRED allows you to invest in talent you are passionate about.
Engage with your Favorite Stars
You can participate financially in the careers of your favorite stars, whilst seeing potential returns.
Secure and Trusted
CRED takes privacy and security very seriously. We opt to lean on the side of caution and are keen to be role models on this aspect.
CRED takes your data privacy seriously, we carefully ensure no one without your permission has access to personal information and all payments are encrypted with our payment providers.
How it works
How to Get Started
All you need to get started is $10.
Buy & Receive Shares
Talent list a % of their future talent income, you can then invest and participate in supporting them. In return you get shares in their business and dividends.
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