CRED: Soccer Fund

CRED securitizes income streams of professional athletes delivering high yielding risk-adjusted returns with quarterly disbursements.

An Alternative Asset Class
The fund values and invests in a pool of athlete income streams, giving institutional investors access to a high yielding alternative asset class.
High Yield
Historically, the asset class has outperformed most alternatives
The market since 1980 has been non-corellated with macro trends
Low Variance
Historically, with a diversified pool the porfolio has had low variability
The asset pays monthly, investors receive funds quarterly
Our Reach
Working with Athletes from the Top 6 Leagues in Europe
About the Asset Class
Talent receivables are a high yielding credit product that offer players upfront capital in exchange for future career receivables.


Historical IRR*

Backtested results, highlight the impact of our quantitative strategy.



We receive payments on a monthly basis starting immediately after investment.



Our portfolio goal is to reduce variance and protect the returns for investors.

An Example
How It Works
An example deal between CRED and a player works in 3 simple steps
01. Selection
CRED selects players & values their future cash flows using a personalized dynamic discount rate
02. Investments
CRED provides upfront capital to players equal to a % share of their current NPV
03. Returns
Investors receive a % share of their future career-related earnings monthly
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The Macro Outlook for Soccer (Football)
Soccer is the fastest growing major sport on earth and has over 4 Billion fans worldwide.
Wages Have Been Rising
The clubs in the EPL have continued to consistently increase their spend on soccer player wages.
Soccer clubs’ wage bills have grown year on year for the past 20+ years driven by competition for players by clubs & the world's growing interest in soccer, resulting in increased broadcasting & commercial revenues, especially for those clubs that win games & leagues. Clubs need to pay for wages or face being relegated to a lower division & risk missing out on ever increasing prize money for winning teams.
Growing Fan Demand
Soccer interest has been growing significantly relative to other sports, & is still the market leader by a significant margin.
Interest in soccer is supercharged by fans in emerging economies with young demographics. They are likely to be economics drivers of wage growth for many years to come.
Evolution in Broadcasting
Amazon recently bought the broadcasting rights to 10% of the EPL games. Amazon has since seen record viewership & sign up to their Prime Service. This has led to speculation around Netflix, Apple, Twitter, Facebook & Amazon playing a larger role in the next cycle.
This renewed competition is likely to further increase spend on broadcasting rights, which in turn will lead to additional revenue for clubs to spend on player wages. The international audience of the soccer leagues is of high interest to international companies looking to expand to emerging markets. There are over 4B+ fans globally, & this makes it a particularly lucrative market for potential broadcaster partners.
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The Player Perspective
Diversifying Early
With significant earnings during a relatively short period of time, players often suffer from financial difficulty post career due to lack of saving & investing, which is accentuated if their career ends prematurely. CRED provides upfront capital to players in order to jumpstart their retirement savings, thereby hedging against career related risks.
Simple Onboarding
CRED has an automated onboarding process for players and receives applications directly
Personalized Valuation
Each player receives their own personal valuation, ensuring that they get the right price
Hear From the Industry Experts
The Broader Impact CRED has on the Soccer (Football) Industry
Pete Smith
Agent at New Era
Rene Meulenstein
Former Coach at Man United
Andre Green
EPL Player
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The Benefits
Benefits of Investing in Soccer (Football)
Soccer is the fastest growing major sport on earth and has over 4 Billion fans worldwide.
Wage Growth
Historical wage growth over the last 30 years has been 15% YoY
Longer Careers
Soccer players have careers of 9.3+ years
Long Contracts
Average contracts last between 3 to 5 year
League Competition
With 6 major leagues in Europe alone
Lower Injury Risk vs Other Sports
Injury risk remains lower than other sports
International Reach
Soccer has more global opportunities
Investors now have access to a new asset class
CRED has a quantitative metholodogy for assigning value that has been a strong predictor for the last 20 years
Investor Friendly Terms
Investors in Fund I have friendly terms for the fund and benefit from preferential access to new funds
Monthly Returns
Investors can choose to opt in for monthly or quarterly distributions, allowing them to unlock liquidity quickly
Deal by Deal Results
CRED works with each player to optimize lifecycle returns. CRED, with unique insights helps the player get the best outcomes

Privacy Policy
Terms & Conditions
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Disclaimer: 1 Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any historical returns, expected returns, or probability projections may not reflect actual future performance. All securities involve risk and may result in significant losses. 2 Represents a net estimated, unrealized annualized internal rate of return (IRR) of your portfolio and is based by reference to the effective distribution dates and amounts to and from the investments, as well as any outstanding principal and accrued and unpaid interest as of the current date, after deduction of management fees and all other expenses charged to the investments. 3 "Annual interest" represents an annual target rate of interest and "term" represents the estimated term of the investment. Such target returns and estimated term are projections of the returns or term and may ultimately not be achieved. Actual returns and term may be materially different from such projections. These targeted returns and estimated term are based on the underlying agreement between the SPV and borrower or originator, as applicable. 4 The Fund will cease investing and seek to liquidate the Fund's remaining portfolio no later than 48 months after the Fund's initial closing. It may take up to twelve months thereafter to fully monetize any remaining illiquid investments in the Fund's portfolio.