We’re on a mission to open the world to investing.

We aren’t your typical investor, we seek to align our incentives and work collaboratively to realize your potential.

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our formula

Utilising data

We take a data centric approach to finding underserved markets and providing them with superior products and services.

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Our focus

Expertise in Sports

We see an important role in bridging finance and technology and enabling the next generation of athletes and clubs to have better outcomes.

Values & culture

Our key values


Everything we do starts from the customer and how best we can service them and make sure we deliver exceptional experiences end to end.


We believe the next generation of opportunities are global by nature and we pride ourselves in having a diverse team from various backgrounds with an international focus.

Long term Positive Impact

Creating change in any industry requires significant efforts and we are committed to making a long term impact in every industry we enter.

CRED team

Meet the team

A management team with a strong track record in the industry. We have extensive experience in finance, technology and the intersection of sport.

Jon Carr-Harris

Chief Executive

Will Brown

Commercial Director

Adrian Bevington

Director of Football

Daniel Stridsberg

Director of Strategy

Peter Kenyon

Executive Adviser

Cherry Shah

Director of Engineering

Emily Perretti

Internal Operations

Philippe Le Floc'h

Commercial Adviser

David Hinchliffe

Commercial Law

Rene Meulenstein

Player Selection

Barry Beckett

Player Wellness

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